How to Get rid of Acne Overnight ?

If you are anxious to get rid of acne overnight, i recommend two-prolonged approaches, involving diet and exercise on one hand, and medical treatment on the other. Its always suggested to try yourself first to get rid of acne by applying multiple home remedies before moving on to the Medical treatments as it is quite costly and also might get you few side effects, which is available in almost every traditional treatments.

1. Diet and exercise considerations to get rid of Acne

Exercise strict control over your dietary habits when you address the problem of how to get rid of acne. Make sure you have a regular diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. That will help reduce the severity of occurrence of acne. A diet of salads, juices, seeds and nuts will help you get rid of acne overnight. Deficiency in zinc and selenium can result in acne. The recommended remedy is an intake of brazil nuts, for selenium content, and pumpkin seeds, for zinc. In addition, drink at least two litres of water every day, and that will help you insure that unshed dead skin cells do not clog the pores of your skin. If you feel its too late and you have the scar formation from your acne, you have to try some working acne scar home remedies solutions to get rid of the scars.

Get Rid of Acne

Cut down on sugar and carbohydrate content in your diet. Also avoid pasta, flour, rice, white bread and other refined food. They boost insulin content in the body, leading in turn to an excess of male hormones. This, in turn, would result in the release of sebum and to the growth of the problem-casing bacteria. Avoid stimulating beverages such as chocolate, tea and coffee. Coffee, in particular, contains caffeine that can aggravate the problem, by leading to an increase in stress hormones. Other food items you should avoid are dairy products and red meats that have high hormone content and hard-to-digest waste products. They also induce allergy in some people.

Vitamin and mineral deficiency reduce the ability of the body to dispose of waste matter. Constipation and bad digestion are the possible causes. Antibiotics cause the death of bacteria, in the digestive tract, leading to digestive problems. The body expels toxins in the form of acne when the toxins are unable to leave the body in a conventional way. So if you are among those who take antibiotics to get rid of acne, make sure you ingest probiotics in order to replace friendly bacteria that are killed in the process.

Make sure your diet includes onions, honey and bananas, as they can also help replace the friendly bacteria described above. Take probiotics as a supplement. You need several supplements in your diet to make certain that your body gets all the needed vitamins and nutrients many of which are not present in food. Such supplements can insure a clear skin and also help tackle pimples.

Stress is a major cause of the problem and you can use exercise as a tool to tackle stress. A multi-pronged strategy that includes breathing exercises, meditation and other relaxation techniques will help you combat stress, effectively. You can also try yoga exercises. They help by increasing the flow of blood to the skin, even as they help rid the body of toxins.

2. Medical considerations

There are several remedies available, including home remedies to get rid for acne overnight. But if you also want to know how to get rid of pimples, I would advise you to focus on other remedial measures such as exercise and diet. You must pay attention to the kind of food you eat, while taking special care to avoid certain types. To get rid of pimples, begin your treatment by using an oil-free cleanser to gently cleanse the area. Wash your face with mild soap or cleansers that are water soluble or can be wiped off. Do this immediately after getting out of bed in the morning, and before retiring for the night. Wash off residues of pollution that have gathered during your long day. Don’t rub too hard and take care not to use harsh scrubbers or towels. Gentle use of your hands will suffice to massage your face. Avoid excessive washing as that could dehydrate your face. Too much washing will strip the surface of your face, of natural oils. You can use a soft towel or tissue to pat your face dry after you wash it.

Consult a dermatologist to prescribe a medication you could use on your face after you wash it. There are several dermatologists who specialize in curing acne fast and better. They will prescribe the perfect solution for the problem after analysing the root cause. You might not actually suffer an acne problem; for instance, you might actually have whiteheads or lesions that appear similar to acne. Such dermatologists will also try to find out whether your family history reveals a genetic disposition of suffering such problems. They will also consider whether you are prone to suffering allergic reactions to medications and ointments. The problem of acne can also be aggravated by the menstrual cycle.

Steps to Get Rid of Acne overnight
A dermatologist might recommend one or more of the following solutions:

Make sure you follow some precautions while treating your acne problem, as follows:

When you visit a doctor for acne treatment, ask right questions to make sure your treatment is more effective for your body, as everyone's differs in many way. Always adhere to the prescribed dosage of any medicine; that way, you can insure that the problem doesn’t recur.