Does Toothpaste Get rid of Pimples and Acne ?

Got Acne suddenly on your clear skin ? Wondering whether a toothpaste can get rid of your ance or pimples ? Yes, in most cases, it turns out positive in the acne curing process. Applying toothpate properly will get rid of most of acne/pimples on your face in a very short time span. Read more below how and why the toothpaste acts as a medicine for the acne treatment.

1. ToothPaste for Acne

Using toothpaste to get rid of acne
Pimples and Acne are some of the problems commonly faced by the youth. People affected are ready to move heaven and earth to overcome it. They hesitate to mingle with others because of the pimple problem. Hereditary reasons like oily skin lead to this and people never forget to thank the Lord if they are free from it. A quick cure through medical treatment is still not in the offing and hence they resort to trial and error methods to overcome acne problem. Usage of toothpaste as a remedy is found to be one novel method in their efforts. Evaluations are reportedly still on about the efficacy and the rate of success through this treatment. If you are looking for a quick recovery to get rid of pimples, toothpaste method is a must try on your list.

2. Medicinal Role of Toothpaste

Tooth and Gum are vital parts of our body and hence to keep them strong till the death bed is as important as any other vital organ. More than 10 ingredients, including minerals, chemicals, herbals, are found used in making a tooth paste and many of them are found to be harmful to the health, if not used in the proper ratio. You shoul learn to us itfor the betterment to get rid of acne than harming yourself. Some of the constituents, like formaldehyde, paraffin, glycerin glycol, sodium fluoride and triclosan cause problems like jaundice, nausea, diarrhoea, etc. Sodium fluoride, in the worst case could cause death also as it is effectively used in rat poison pesticides also. As such, the selection of toothpaste should be done under proper guidance.

3. Toothpaste Treatment

A Well known advantage of Toothpaste is that it dries up the oil in the skin quicker. As oily skin is the main reason for the pimples and acne, the toothpaste thus helps to get rid of acne and pimples on your face. Triclosan kills the bacteria and menthol present in the paste keeps the skin dry. By applying the paste gently on the affected parts, the paste also works as a mask after getting dried. Using it before going to bed could help the patient effectively. One should avoid using the tooth paste prepared mainly for the whitening of the teeth, as the hydrogen peroxide or titanium dioxide present in that paste completely dries out the skin and remains on the skin like a paint, leading to skin irritation. Pastes containing gel might not be effective to cleanse the skin. Likewise, paste containing cinnamon and any paste in red color also would not be helpful in tackling the pimple scars.

So the conclusion ?

So, does toothpaste get rid of pimples and acne ? Ofcourse, Yes ! Toothpaste is cheap and easily available in the home and hence people try to use it for curing the pimples. Ingredients like triclosan do help the patients to dry the skin and to escape from reoccurrence. But even excessive triclosan in the paste could lead to other side effects. Hence, the tooth paste can be used under the care of a practicing doctor, as he can guide the victim about the progress of the healing on a day to day basis and warn the patient in time if the paste affects the skin instead of curing.