Connection between Marijuana and Acne


Marijuana addicts often wonder whether there is a marijuana and acne connection in one way or other. Studies related to this topic, though limited, have made some progress, but have also resulted in several conflicting opinions about the actual effects that marijuana has, on skin. However, the majority of these opinions suggest that marijuana does cause acne. It has been found to be a general phenomenon that skin of most of the smokers of marijuana does get negatively affected.

Connection between Marijuana and AcneStudies suggest that smoking a large volume of marijuana does tend to coincide with moderate to severe acne breakouts on the face. However, there are exceptions and many people smoking weed or marijuana avidly have never had acne in their lives.

The Possible Connection between Marijuana and Acne:

Possible reasons behind the marijuana and acne connection do vary, few of them listed below.

  • Findings show that women smoking marijuana suffer from acne problems more frequently and more badly in comparison to the men smokers. This difference between men and women is caused by the manner in which marijuana affects the testosterone levels. It has been found that marijuana causes testosterone levels to drop way down below normal before bouncing back high up. In order to get the testosterone level back to normal, the body needs to produce androgens that in turn create the missing testosterone. Often the body produces too much androgens resulting in an excess of androgens in the body which has always been one of the recognized causes of acne. This is a marijuana and acne connection that can never be denied. This effect becomes more profound in females as the female body normally has less testosterone that leads to acne breakouts as a result of the newly developed hormonal imbalance.
  • Another marijuana and acne connection is that the smoke from marijuana acts as a skin irritant resulting in acne breakouts. Smoke might cause breakouts in ultra-sensitive skin. Being in a room laden heavily with smoke can also result in a new breakout of acnes. It is difficult to say whether a chemical component of marijuana causes the smoke to irritate the skin or cigar and cigarette smoke irritates the skin in a general manner. However, if your skin is so sensitive that it gets irritated easily when in contact with smoke, marijuana is bound to cause an outbreak of acnes.

There can be quite a few arguments that no conclusive proof has been found of a direct and emphatic marijuana and acne connection. However, it can never be denied that those who smoke marijuana tend to suffer more from plain acne, cystic acne and many other kinds of skin problems.

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