Different Types of Acne


What are the types of acne? We often don’t bother to ask this question because we don’t know that there are types, per se. Acne, for many, is the reason why they go from confidence to self-conscious. But like men, all acne are not the same. There are many different types of acne. The difference depends on their nature, the reason why they occur and the severity of the acne.

Common Types of Acne:

Even though there are many different types of acne, understanding them plays a major role in dealing with them, getting rid of them and avoiding scar creation. Let us see the many different types of acne.

1. Non-inflammatory Acne: This acne types is found most commonly among people of all different ages. Non-inflammatory acne includes white-heads and black head. White heads are tiny clogged pores which may look white at the surface. They are often very small to be visible to the naked eye. Blackheads are also in-growth causing in pores to clog. Black-heads, as the name suggests are black at the surface.

Even though these both are very common and often not that visible under normal light and circumstances, it is when people try to pop them that scar creation occurs.

2. Inflammatory Acne: This acne is a little bit more visible. Inflammatory acne, as is clear from the title itself is acne that is caused by inflammation of the skin. This type of acne is caused with the skin follicles are ruptured. In simple words, when the pore gets damage, these acne occur.

There are two types of inflammatory acne. First is the papule (horrible name for acne). The papule is caused when there is a break in the follicle. The white blood cells rush to the surface causing inflammation. Second is the Pustule (even worse name for acne). The pustule is caused a few days after the inflammation starts. This also occurs due to white blood cells formation at the surface. It is the pustule that is mostly referred to as a “zit”.

3. Cysts and Nodules: These acne types are even more damaging ones for your skin. Cysts are caused by severe inflammatory reactions. It causes swelling. In case of cysts, one best visit a dermatologist and get it looked at, at the earliest. Nodules are even worse. Nodules occur when the follicle breaks along the bottom. This causes a large inflamed bump. This bump will mostly be very painful to touch. For this too, it is best to see a doctor.

Acne is every teenagers nightmare, every presenters worst fear and something that no one really welcomes. Acne is mostly caused due to increase in oil secretion of the skin. Whenever you eat too much oily food, put on make-up and not cleanse it properly or take too much stress, these outbreaks can occur. These different types of acne are often just a symptom that you need to calm down, be happier and drink more water.

Acne or no acne, remember that you are beautiful the way you are, and a small bump (or many) is not going to change it!


  1. Superduck says:

    Hi! I’ve suffered with bacne since I hit purtbey. I remember in grade 6 a few pimples started popping up on my back and I was so embarrased I stopped doing ballet coz other girls were commenting and laughing about it.

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