Nose Acne Causes and Treatment


Acne is a serious facial condition which can destroy the beauty of your face and when it is on your nose, it is essential to know the nose acne causes and treatment in order to ensure they are gone within the shortest possible time. Nose acne can not only destroy the beauty but can be quite painful at times and they don’t tend to go away fast.

General Causes of Nose Acne:

Nose AcneAcne generally appears during the time of puberty in women though it is quite common in men and women of all ages. The appearance of acne diminishes as you age but there are some general causes that can cause acne on nose.

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  • Dirt: If you are exposed to a lot of dirt and your skin type is oily, you can get acne on nose. Nose is generally more only than other parts of the face and that makes it prone to acne.
  • Hormone: Increase in the level of androgen can cause acne on nose. It is a hormone that can go out of balance which may cause skin acne.
  • Stress: Stress can sometimes lead to secretion of hormone and oil and that can cause acne on the nose.
  • Food: If you are prone to eating oily food or food that increases the chance of acne, the problem can generate.
  • Heredity: Some studies have shown that acne problem is genetic. People with ancestors who had acne, have more chance of generating the same.

Treatment of Nose Acne:

Nose acne is just like acne on chin or chic and the treatment is just the same. However body acne and causes lightly varies.

Ice Cube Treatment: You can apply ice cube on the acne or pimple on the nose. This will take away the heat from the acne and the acne will disappear over time.

Baking Soda Treatment: Take equal parts of water and baking soda to make a paste. Apply the paste on the acne and leave it to dry. Once it is dried, wash it off from your nose. You can do this twice in a day and the acne will be vanished within some days.

Toothpaste Treatment: Some people find toothpaste to be quite effective on Acne. You can leave the toothpaste overnight on your nose acne and the size will be diminished over the night. The silica in the toothpaste does the magic here.

Benzoyl peroxide: Benzoyl peroxide is found in some medicines that can be applied on acne. This kills the bacteria in the acne and that removes the problem from the root.

Though it is possible to remove acne with simple treatments, prevention is always better than cure. if you are aware of the causes, you can stay away from them and can solve the problem in the long term. if the cause is heredity, you don’t have much to do with the problem but in other cases, the root cause has to be treated. So, know your nose acne causes first, and then make a good decision about treating them.

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