Does Weed Make Acne Worse and Cause Acne Breakouts?


acne_breakoutsMost of the people who smoke weed have a doubt in their minds that smoking weed makes acne worse. Whether or not smoking weed really causes acne or makes it worse cannot be said conclusively though, as how a drug will impact a person depends upon how the drug is being used, how much of it is being used and the person who is taking it. However, before starting to smoke weed, people conscious about skin and already suffering from acne should try to gather as much information on the effects of weed as possible.

Several studies have suggested that smoking, in general, causes cystic acne which means acnes and skin problems can be caused and worsened by any type of smoking and are not specifically aggravated by smoking weed alone. The possible reason why weed makes acne worse is that the hot and unbalanced toxic nature of weed, over the years, affects purity of blood, the immune system and the respiratory system. In order to prevent these negatives, you have to either avoid weed completely or consume it within limits.

How does the respiratory system cause acne?

Our respiratory system controls the surface of our body and adjusts the skin pores and body hairs. Smoking weed results in a congestion or imbalance of the respiratory system and may even cause confusion in the pore mechanisms. This troubles the entire functioning of the body, leading to blockages. As a result, impurities get trapped inside our body affecting the skin and causing acnes. This is how weed makes acne worse by congesting the respiratory system and pores.

How can the immune system affect skin?

Smoking weed can cause great disturbances in our immune system thus directly affecting our skin. Weed unhinges the immune system leading to changes in circulation of oxygen and blood to the skin. The circulation becomes poor, resulting in an accumulation of gunk that, later, breaks out into acne. Those who are prone to acne and want to prevent acne from occurring should stay away from weed. Those who have never had acne but are proud of their beautiful skin should also abide by the same warning.

The hot nature of unbalanced weed heats up our blood which is the principal reason behind almost every kind of skin problem. Those who already have sensitive skin and hormonal imbalances can have severe acne breakouts with just some initial uses of weed. Over the years, weed makes acne worse as the toxic effects of weed-smoking compound radically polluting the blood more and more.

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