Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne?


Does smoking weed cause acne really? Several friends of mine have asked me this question. Many decided to take a break from the marijuana and see if the acne reduces, but they couldn’t keep away from it long enough for the effects (if any) to show. So, does smoking weed really cause acne? Does it, in a direct or indirect way, have anything to do with acne formation? Let us see!

Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne

Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne?

Before we get into the relationship between marijuana (weed) and acne, let me put it out there that smoking marijuana is not just injurious to your physical health, but also extremely detrimental for your intelligence and thinking abilities as well. Even though one may feel temporarily stimulated in the smoke of the weed, the marijuana chemicals slowly kill grey cells in the brain, making you dumber in the long run.

So, does smoking weed cause acne? How does it cause acne? Can smoking cause acne?

Smoking, of any kind, causes creation of toxins (poison) in the body. These toxins enter the blood stream and are eventually excreted out of the various excretory mediums. Toxins are mostly released from the body through the skin. The pores of the skin excrete toxins and excessive oils from the body. When these toxins and oils are lesser in quantity, regular cleansing is enough to avoid them from causing an infection. However, the toxins created by smoking weed are not of the simple kind. As such, simple cleansing of the sin are not enough to get rid of its effects.

The toxins created by smoking weed cause an imbalance in the hormones as well, giving rise to even more excretion of oil. As such the pores tend to get blocked, plugs are created and often the walls of these plugs tend to break down causing cystic acne. While one cannot say that there is a direct relation between weed and acne, the indirect effects are quite clear. From the impurities created in the blood stream, to the imbalance in the hormones, and reduction in inhibitions, all are instrumental in the formation of acne.
Another way in which smoking weed causes acne is reduction in activity. Smoking weed often makes one lethargic and inactive.

This causes the blood flow in the body to slow down and reduces the body’s ability to heal itself. Simply put, the marijuana causes your body to be incapable of healing itself from the effects of the marijuana. So we come to the main question again, does smoking weed cause acne? Not directly, but in many indirect and clear ways. It is important to understand that while the effects of weed on your mood and state of mind may be very pleasant, in the long run, it is more damaging. Stay away from drugs, less or more. This is where I sign off! Stay healthy, stay beautiful!

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  1. Matt says:

    I am interested in finding out if this is a true statement or not. I personally feel my acne may have actually gotten better since, due to me not being stressed about having acne. It relieved me and thus relived my acne.

  2. Chris says:

    I smoke marijuana 2-5x a week regularly and have not felt any detrimental effects toward my thinking process or memory. Please list your source for the statement regarding “gray cell” killer.

  3. zach says:

    I don’t agree with much of this. Smoke from marijuana is natural and not synthetic, like cigarette smoke is. There is lots of tar/toxic chemicals from the smoke, which does not come from marijuana. If you smoke excessively, than yes, you will be more dumb. Anything in excessive will have a negative impact. A lot of people think of pot-smokers as your typical Cheech & Chong who turn of their brain completely, because they’re beyond baked. As for me, I get high, and I’m able to learn and focus on new things. Everything is more interesting, and I want to keep learning and reading. I also tend to clean the house, do yardwork, and other physical activitites which keeps me active. As for weed and pimples, I believe there is a connection, but not from this safe harmless plant. When I get high, I get the munchies. The crap and processed foods we eat while high is more likely to cause break-outs. That’s why it’s wise to get in the habit of eating healthier munch snacks. Not chips, burgers, fries, candies, sodas, etc… Weed actual reduces stress, which is a huge factor in acne. To each their own, just sharing my side!

  4. Marco says:

    Why is there a picture of a cigarette? lol.. Either a cigarette or some nasty green

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