Marijuana’s Effect On The Body Of A Human


Marijuana inhalation affects the human brain as well as the body causing euphoria, relaxation, heightened sensory perception and increased appetite, most of which can be attributed to the increased secretion of the chemical dopamine in the brain; but Marijuana’s effect on human body cannot be neglected either.

Marijuana and its effects

marijuana effect

Marijuana’s Effect On Human Body

Within a few minutes of inhalation of the Marijuana smoke the heart rate speeds up dramatically; and the bronchial passages become enlarged. This drastic change increases the normal heart beat of 70-80 per minute, to 90-130 per minute, or can even double up the heart rate. Marijuana increases the blood pressure, and also the rate at which the heart pumps blood; but reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of blood which might be deadly for some people. The marijuana smoke has a composed mixture of toxic gases and particulates, which can be compared to that of tobacco. The mixture might not be very healthy for lungs, and for regular marijuana smokers the risk of lung infection is much greater. They might also suffer from regular respiratory problems, such as cough, phlegm production, and acute chest illness. For the occasional smokers, marijuana smoke can cause irritation and stinging of throat accompanied by cough.

Marijuana smoke as a carcinogen

According to studies, Marijuana smoke can promote cancer in human body; the lungs and other parts of the respiratory system are mostly affected. Marijuana smoke contains irritants and carcinogens which can promote cancer of the respiratory system; the smoke also induces high level of a particular enzyme which converts hydrocarbons to their carcinogenic forms. On the other hand, some studies have found the presence of an unidentified active ingredient in the marijuana smoke which actually bears some protective properties against cancer. Marijuana increases blood flow in the blood vessels which makes the eyes red. Both in vitro and in vivo studies have revealed the adverse effects of marijuana smoke on the immune system of the body.

The final verdict

However, still there are not enough evidences to support the cancer causing properties of Marijuana smoke; and the study of marijuana as an immune suppressant also needs more research. For the users of Marijuana it is essential to have a thorough idea about Marijuana’s effect on human body, so that they can take their decision wisely. Marijuana promotes a great mood and euphoria for a few hours after inhalation; which slowly subsides to depression or sleep. Though any major adverse effect of the compound has not yet been proved, but extensive Marijuana smoking can be deadly for health.

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