Ice Cubes to Prevent Acne – Does It Cure?


If you have ever suffered from acne, you must have heard some people asking you to apply ice cube on acne to get relief. Now the question is, does it really work and if yes, how much? Ice is considered as the secret fighter of pimple and it can work wonderfully if you have enough patience to apply it over and over again. Why Ice works on … [Continue reading]

Marijuana’s Effect On The Body Of A Human


Marijuana inhalation affects the human brain as well as the body causing euphoria, relaxation, heightened sensory perception and increased appetite, most of which can be attributed to the increased secretion of the chemical dopamine in the brain; but Marijuana’s effect on human body cannot be neglected either. Marijuana and its … [Continue reading]

Honey And Cinnamon Remedy For Acne


If you are suffering from acne and have already tried all the anti-acne products available in the market but with no effective results, here is the great Honey and cinnamon for acne which can actually yield some results. There is hardly any person on earth who has not ever suffered from Acne; be it an occasional break out or a regular case, acne is … [Continue reading]

Pimples and Zits on Your Nose? What to do?


Pimples are no doubt irritating and the most common of them is pimple on nose. They make even the most beautiful face look ugly, but it is a skin condition which often shows up at the wrong time. Suppose you have a party in one day or a prom night to attend and a pimple shows up right on your nose, you cannot neglect it as it is sure to become the … [Continue reading]

How to take the Redness out of a Pimple Instantly?


If you are looking vehemently to find out some effective ways to take redness out of pimples instantly, you have reached the right page. Pimples are mainly caused due to bacterial infections and all of us suffer or have suffered from regular acne or occasional breakouts. So, here are a few tips that can be very helpful to reduce the redness of the … [Continue reading]

Wanna Get Rid of a Zit Instantly? Here’s How


Suppose you have a party to attend, and you woke up in the morning with a big zit right on your face, which seems to have stolen away all your beauty; this is when you are likely to try out every desperate measure to get rid of zit instantly. Zits are bothering, ugly and they are just irritating for every one; and they have this tendency to come … [Continue reading]

How Long Toothpaste should be left on a Pimple?


There are numerous methods of treating pimple and toothpaste being one of the measures, the obvious question if toothpaste left on pimples can cause any problem. You must have heard people saying keep toothpaste on pimple overnight, but it is essential to know if it actually works. What are Pimples and How to Take Care? Pimples are no doubt … [Continue reading]

Get Complete Exposed Skin Care Program with Best Price


Acne is a skin condition medically known as Acne Vulgaris which involves the oil glands of the skin and is caused due to bacterial infection and with exposed skin care program people are fighting this problem successfully. In humans, Acne can appear on the face, neck, back, chest or shoulder. The condition is not dangerous but Acne looks horrible … [Continue reading]

Does Weed Make Acne Worse and Cause Acne Breakouts?


Most of the people who smoke weed have a doubt in their minds that smoking weed makes acne worse. Whether or not smoking weed really causes acne or makes it worse cannot be said conclusively though, as how a drug will impact a person depends upon how the drug is being used, how much of it is being used and the person who is taking it. However, … [Continue reading]

How to Remove Zit on your Lip


Zits on lips can be not only irritating but extremely painful as the skin of the lips are really sensitive, and it is usual for anyone to try out every measure to remove zit on lip. Zits on lips can come up due a number of reasons; it can be a form of acne or might be caused due to some other infection. Hormones can also be a cause of zits on the … [Continue reading]

Connection between Marijuana and Acne


Marijuana addicts often wonder whether there is a marijuana and acne connection in one way or other. Studies related to this topic, though limited, have made some progress, but have also resulted in several conflicting opinions about the actual effects that marijuana has, on skin. However, the majority of these opinions suggest that marijuana does … [Continue reading]

Major Causes of Acne Vulgaris and Modern Treatment

Acne vulgaris, popularly known as acne occurs due to different reasons,  discretion of excessive oil from the sebaceous glands in the skin is a main reason for acne. This irritates the skin and the cavities in the hair roots are clogged. The debris is accumulated on the inner skin and the body reacts to that, resulting in acne wounds.  Acne … [Continue reading]