How to Prevent Yourself from Back Acne


Prevention is better than cure. Back acne is one of the most embarrassing and inconvenient form of pimple that doesn’t allow you to wear your favorite dress on your most important day. Like any other acne, back acne is also caused due to oil glands. So it is always better to follow and take care of few preventive measures so that you don’t have to get into troubles dealing with bacne. However in few cases, like severe hormonal changes and heredity, it is difficult to prevent completely but can be reduced to some extent if care is taken.

Here are few precautions and preventions to overcome from back acne


How to Prevent Back Acne

These few precautions can reduce the intensity of back acnes however the type of preventive measure may vary to each skin type. The following are the 10 preventive measures that one should undergo to prevent acne

  1. It is important to treat the underlying prime cause for back acne i.e dandruff. Make sure your hair is clean from dandruff and does not shed down to shoulders. Wash your hair regularly and make its clean from any visible flakes.
  2. Exfoliation is one of the important technique to maintain a healthy skin. It involves removal of dead skin cells with the process of all facials or chemical methods using medical spas.
  3. Benzol peroxide and retinol are one of the best anti-acne creams. Try it as soon as you see the first pimple and it can reduce the intensity of breakouts and the subsequent scarring.
  4. Control your hands from touching, rubbing or any kind of activities that can make the bacne worse. This will lead to skin scars which requires another set of treatments to be done. So it’s better to keep your hands away from bacne.
  5. Moisturize your skin and make sure it’s not dry.
  6. Factors like stress, oily or fatty foods, excessive sweating should be taken care of. These can be the fundamental reason to cause acnes.
  7. Make sure you bathe after exercise. With all sweat and dirt after exercise, it is compulsory to bathe because that will get clogged and cause back acnes.
  8. When there is presence of any acne, it is important to shower daily and wash your back with a mild soap. Care should be taken while having back acne as it can lead to severe breakouts if rubbed or scrubbed harshly on it.
  9. The food we take, plays a main role in maintaining the skin healthy. Consume foods like fish, leafy green vegetables to your diet that will keep your skin more healthy and prevent acne.
  10. Toxins in your body will flush away by drinking lot of water. Drink at least six to eight glasses of water daily to help your system maintain balance.
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