Honey And Cinnamon Remedy For Acne


If you are suffering from acne and have already tried all the anti-acne products available in the market but with no effective results, here is the great Honey and cinnamon for acne which can actually yield some results. There is hardly any person on earth who has not ever suffered from Acne; be it an occasional break out or a regular case, acne is something which is sure to taste your patience sometimes or the other.   For all the girls and guys suffering from occasional or regular acne this homemade remedy can be highly effective.

Honey And Cinnamon Remedy For Acne

How does it work:

Acne can be caused due to three different reasons; in maximum cases which all occur together to make it worse; excessive accumulation of oil on the oil glands, dead skin cells getting trapped within the hair follicles and bacterial infection are the main causes of acne. When plugged hair follicles are infected by bacteria, pimple develops on the skin. Homey and Cinnamon both can work great on acne due to their natural properties. Honey is a natural antibacterial agent and also has a low pH. Honey inhibits the growth of bacteria on the pimple site and also kills some of the bacterial species due to its lower pH. At the other hand honey provides the skin with natural nourishment and moisture which are essential for replenishing the damage caused. Cinnamon also has great antibacterial properties and can restrict the growth of bacteria and fungi on skin, helping in treating acne gently.

Applying Honey & Cinnamon

You can easily prepare a face pack of honey and Cinnamon at home and use it for acne. There are also anti-acne products in the market which claims to provide the same effects, but in most of the cases they also contain other harmful preservatives and fragrances; so it is better suggested to prepare the pack at home through the simple steps:

  • Grind some cleaned Cinnamon in a  grinder or mortar pastel
  • Mix about 1tsp cinnamon powder with 2tsp pure honey
  • Make a paste and apply it on your face as a face pack
  • Leave it for 30 minutes before washing away with mildly warm water

This Honey and cinnamon remedy cure for acne and zits has worked wonder for many; and being a all- natural pack it has no side effects even in case of long term use. Cinnamon also has the capacity to remove suntan, so the pack can also be helpful in giving you a smoother skin tone.

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